Miss Cameroon Twitter

Miss 237 Twitter is an online competition ran by the group Emerald E8ght with the aim of valorizing women not just on twitter but across a number of social media platforms. Over the last years it has seen women raise their voices and be more expressive towards so many subjects including; Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, cyber bullying, gender base violence, rape amongst many other subjects.

ALM are great admirers of the project and decided to contribute in its creativity to help reinforce these beautiful voices.

ALM Creative Studios produced a video during the voting phase of the competition presenting the candidates with their voting numbers and social media handles

ALM CS also made a video explaining what the competition is about and announcing the competition to the public

At the end of the 2021 edition the crown went to Nforsi Quinta.

A video made during the second stage of the competition for the public to see the remaining contestants to be able to vote

A video made before the competition to announce registration was going on and how one can register.

Client MISS237TT