Film and motion graphics, Motion design

LocateMe is a Logistic company specialised in last mile delivery only(home delivery).

LocateMe is a Cameroonian-based company that delivers products to their desired location with just one click on the application. 

They help their clients deliver anything anywhere they want in Yaounde. They pick up items too for clients and move them from one part of the city to another. The Items they pick up include food drops from restaurants, documents from offices, heavy cargo, articles from shops, etc.

ALM has been called on several occasions to create content for LocateMe including:

  • A documentary
  • Testimonials with clients
  • Explainer Animation videos
  • Commercials

"We have an app available on Playstore. In this app, you can be able to describe your house, create your digital address, and send it for delivery"

"We are problem solvers and we have found a solution to the home delivery problem in Cameroon and most of Africa"

Client LocateMe
Sector Transport