Conducting campaign management for marketing., Motion design, Producing marketing and promotional materials

Insomnia Game Zone is a company specializing in E-Sport, based in Yaounde that tasked ALM CS to bring to life their Logo.

An Animated Logo for Cameroon's most popular Arcade.





"The eye in the logo represents a gamer who spent long hours and days playing games which resulted in a red eye."

NBA is one of the many games available at Insomnia which was also listed for the game tournament that was held.

This is a campaign for its game tournament which involved competing with other gamers which ran for a month.

ALM CS worked on different campaigns with the brand which increased their market acquisition, social media engagement, and community.

"The animation was inspired by the concept behind the logo, it’s all about a gamer who plays for days without even taking a nap, and his eyes begin to turn red until it reaches a critical point. He goes ahead to check if there is something missing then it reveals the complete logo"

"The campaign was built to create traction for the brand which included posters for their game tournaments which ran through for a month i.e November 2020 - December 2020"