Furious Gang

Furious Gang is a fashion brand.

A brand identity for a clothing line that conveys a message about Inequality in the world.

The Furious Gang is a streetwear clothing brand owned by a group of youths. The purpose is to convey a message about inequality in the world, but at the same time make high-quality clothing that can be worn in everyday life.

The brand values are authenticity and comfort.

"The furious gang is a mark made on the back of emojis; especially the angry ones. A project focused on making clothes that consumers could wear to represent how they feel"

"They approached us with the idea but didn’t really know how to express it to the public. We then proposed to them a clothing brand. This is because, through fashion, it is easy to express feelings such as inequality"

ALM CS built a whole Brand Identity document for the project.

Client Furious Gang