Brand identity

Indigo is a group of people specialize in party’s organization and their values are been different and have fun.

Indigo is a group of people specialized in party planning and their values are to be different and have fun. 

We noticed the logo they were using to represent their group was not expressing their key message to their audience. From that, the creative team works on various  logo designs that will represent their values in a correct and better manner.

The logo proposals were built to create a link between them (the company) and their clients with colors they were in love with- red and black.

The group-Indigo are lovers of red and black so this is maintained by the creative team in building their logo which potrayed a key message to their audience.

The first logo was inspired by a conversation with the group. During the discussion, we asked a lot of question but a particular answer got our attention. We asked them of an object that best represents them and they came up with a target and we asked why. They reiterated that a target reminds them every day that they have goals to achieve. It also stands as something they share with their community. So from that, we came up with something that will remind them their objectives but also have a party vibe. This birthed a combination of their name indigo, a target and a glass of wine.

For this proposal, it’s all about bringing out perspective and party vibe. The logo is a glass of wine with a view from the eyes of somebody who is drinking, which is a form of invitation to join the brand.

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