Interiors & architecture

Architectural design for a new financial trading house for the Cabinet Jure Entrepreneur SARL. A unique infrastructure with a blend of architecture and technology with headquarters in downtown Yaoundé

VMF (VEILLE DES MARCHÉS FINANCIERS/Financial Market Watch) is a service focused on studying the financial markets, stock market speculation and the status of assets available or sold on the stock market. A true innovation in Central Africa that marks the growth of the the financial and economic market and its blend with technology.

ALM Creative Studios worked with VMF in the year 2021 to develop a distinctive brand language for the Trading market place and its branches, to help distinguish the Cabinet Jure entrepreneurs and VMF, from their competitors and also to create a 360-degree experience of the brand. The architectural setup, massive digital setup and wayfinding have gone down to be the core values of VMF with a forward-looking design that communicates both openness and security. 

In 2021, ALM Creative Studios designed a new Trading Hall vestibule for Cabinet Jure Entrepreneur headquarters in downtown Yaoundé. Located in Cameroon, the vestibule is designed to reflect ambition and excellence. Where white walls expressed neutrality, four signage were added to turn up the feeling of being in a financial house. The materials and details of this larger vestibule and the hall were inspired from world street and Carmeniac Paris, and its form and siting aim to enhance the original experience of entering a world class trading installation.

Client VMF