V-RIT is an architectural company.

V-RIT is an architectural company that was seeking to changing its business model to one acceptable by their target audience. ALM CS started with a logo proposal for their enterprise

Proposal #1

The logo is a combination of two square and one circle the square on the top represents the ceiling and the square below represents the floor while the circle represents the light.

Proposal #2

The second logo is also a question of view but here the front view of a box that represents a house and here the top bar represents the ceiling. The lower bar the floor and the triangle the light. Here we also wanted to show people abstractly what the company does.

Proposal #3

For the third logo we wanted to underline the V in V-RIT. It was more of coming out with a symbol so from that we decide to design a particular V that will solidly represent their company.

Proposal #4

The fourth one is more of a futurist and abstract marriage, because here we wanted to show abstractly what their company is into to their client but also to give them a kind of futuristic look.

Client V-RIT
Sector Technology