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Developing a marketing plan for your company ensures you have a strategy to reach your target customers and provides a critical approach for handling marketing implementation. 

A good marketing plan puts into consideration the internal and external environment, provides an extensive understanding of your customers and provides a clear road map of activities, which makes it a vital guide for your marketing team and vendors to execute on.

Effective marketing is built on a considered, well-informed marketing strategy. A good marketing strategy helps you define clear, realistic and measurable marketing objectives for your business.

1. Identify your business goals

When setting goals, it's key to be as clear as possible so you can effectively measure the outcomes against what you set out to achieve. A simple yardstick for goal-setting is the SMART method :

  • Specific – state clearly what you want as results
  • Measurable – set key performance indicators that you can measure
  • Achievable – set goals that are within your capacity/ abilities
  • Relevant – set goals that will help you ameliorate your business
  • Time-bound – Your goals should have a time-frame that you can achieve within.

2. State your marketing goals

  Define a set of specific marketing targets building on the business goals. These will motivate you and your team and enable you to track your success. It should include what you want exactly to improve with this strategy. It can be sales, profit, market penetration. However, it should be feasible and achievable

3. Research your market

 Research is a very important part of your marketing strategy. Without this, you are set to make a vague plan which will lead to failure. You need to do a survey of the market, such as its size, growth, social trends and demographics). It is important to be aware of what goes on in the market so you are aware of any changes over time, so your strategy remains relevant and feasible.

4. Profile your potential customers

 Know your customers. Who are they? Where are they found and what are their behaviors? The profile will help you know their buying patterns, including how they buy, where they buy and what they buy. It is important to know these things as they will help you in your positioning.

5. Profile Your Competitors

 Use this to identify your competitive edge in the market– what sets your business apart from your competitors. You can also learn their strengths, strategies of your competitors and use it to improve on your own internal processes to help improve your performance compared with your competition.

6. Focus On Your Message

 It is not a new thing for marketers to get focused on mediums they are using and neglect the strategic messaging and positioning. If you don't get hard on having an authentic message that's strategically different and tested with customers, your mediums/channels would just be a waste of time. Get clear on the message you would want to put out there.

 Marketing strategies are very important before any campaign begins whether you are launching a new product, feature, brand, company. Are you a business owner or want to start your own thing but you have no idea to go about it? ALM Creative Studios is ready to help you run a successful campaign, marketing strategy and communications that your brand needs to get to where it needs it.

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27th May 2022