ALM Creative Studios Designs the Emblem for the Prestigious London-based Best Designer Awards

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ALM Creative Studio was tasked with designing an emblem for the Best Designer Awards, a London-based event that seeks to recognize the best designers in the world. Our team was challenged to design an emblem that would be inviting and exciting, encouraging a high number of submissions worldwide.

Event Description

The London-based Best Designer Awards is a prestigious event that has been held annually since 1998. The event recognizes the best designers in the world. This year, it's hosted in London, United Kingdom.

The event is the UK's leading competition for designers, with categories ranging from fashion to interior design. The awards are organized by the Professional Designers Association (PDA) and sponsored by Design Week magazine.

The emblem conceived by ALM Creative Studios’ Graphic Designer OYONO Emile features a writing of the award's name, along with the year of the award. The use of color on this emblem is very strong and the background is heavily dominated by Red, while the letters and objects are made up of white. This creates a sense of depth and movement while remaining subdued enough so as not to be overwhelming.

Random Facts

With a red logo, you are guaranteed to catch the eye of many potential customers. Red will automatically attract a person’s eye to the picture or cause them to do a double take. Because red is so eye-popping it will stand out against any color the logo happens to be placed next to.

Note: The Synonym for Emblem is Logo.

Details About the Project

The ALM Creative Studios designers worked closely with representatives from the Best Design Awards to produce a symbol that represents the project's vision.

The logo is heavily dominated by red, which makes it easy to see even at a distance. The letters and objects are made up of white so that they stand out even more against the background and give the logo a modern feel.

“To captivate the attention of onlookers, we made the logo bold and eye-catching. We also wanted to evoke the feeling of competition and celebration, so we decided to use red as the main color,” explains Emile.

This logo is based on the combination of square and letter B, circle and letter D, Triangle and letter A.

Square: The square is a geometric shape that has four equal sides. It is often used to represent a balance of power or stability. We used it to represent a group or organization with a balance of strength and weakness.

Letter B: The letter B is an upright letter that looks like the number 1. In many cases, we use it to represent good luck or prosperity. It's often used in logotypes as an icon of good fortune or success.

Circle: The circle has no beginning or end—it simply goes on forever without repeating itself. The idea was to represent how the BDA Event will always be there for their Designers!

Triangle: The triangle has three sides and two angles (90°). It's often used in logos because it represents strength, stability, and unity at the same time—and it also looks very cool!

“The signature color palette of red and white was employed—this is now one of the Event’s most distinctive features.”

“We created a poster to be displayed in art and design-oriented environments so that people could see the message.”


Emblem design comes with a difficult task: making a logo more than just a representation of the organization and its values, but also projects its personality. Turning an abstract word that means nothing on its own into something memorable and relatable takes creativity, professionalism, and experience in crafting the right image. That's just what ALM Creative Studios did when they made the emblem for The Best Designer Awards, London's top creative event celebrating inspirational work across fifteen creative categories.

“We are incredibly proud to have the opportunity to design what we believe to be the world's most prestigious award for graphic designers. It was a pleasure working with so many great minds in the industry, and we hope that the new London-based Best Designer Award will live up to its name. We look forward to seeing the winners in action, and hope everyone has a great time at the awards ceremony next year,” says ALM Creative Studio creative Graphic Designer OYONO Emile.

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4th October 2022